Firefox Addon Developer

I am a Firefox Addon ethusiast and an avid developer. My aim is to make great addons and help others do the same. I created this page to showcase these resources. Read below to learn about the four shortcuts above.


Useful bits of code to help you build Firefox addons. I chose Gists as the venue to share because edits are version controlled, code is easily forked, and discussion can take place right on the Gist page.

Related Gists are prefixed with _ff-addon-TYPE. Type is either snippet or template


These are codes you can copy and paste to "Scratchpad" in Firefox. Set the "Environment" to "Browser" and run.


These are full addons but very basic, ready to fork and personalize. I start all my addons based on one of these templates.


All that I know today is thanks to open source projects. All my codes are available here.


If you need help with any of my Gists or anything Firefox addon dev related, ask the question here and I will be sure to get to you.


Find all my released addons here.

My Skills

  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Git & GitHub
  • Javascript
  • MySQL, SQL, SQLite
  • Notepad++
  • PHP
  • Visual Basic 6.0 & VBA
  • nsIWindowsMediatorService
  • nsIPromptService
  • nsIHttpChannel
  • cTypes
  • Bootstrap
  • nsIZipWriter
  • nsIXMLHttpRequest, nsIXMLHttpRequestEventTarget, & nsIJSXMLHttpRequest
  • nsITimer
  • prototype &
  • jQuery
  • Canvas
  • RegExp
  • Custom, Native, & CSS3 Events

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